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Episode 1 - Miracle ingredients in skin care?

In the first episode of our new mini-series "Skin care myth or truth with Eva Röse", we dive deep into the mystery surrounding miracle ingredients. Have you ever wondered if there really is something magical behind ingredients like diamond powder, gold particles or even snail mucin? Can they really deliver the miracles they promise, or are they just a good story? Follow along as Eva finds out the truth!

Want to know more about miracle ingredients and snail mucin?

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In our article on snail mucin, you will learn more about the subject, how it has and is still used in the beauty industry today. Read the article here.

Do you want to watch episode 2 of "Skin care myth or truth" with Eva Röse?

In episode 2, Eva explores the truth behind high concentrations of active skin care ingredients. With today's product labels proudly displaying high percentages of these ingredients, the question arises: Is more really better? Watch episode 2 here.