Om Irina Mireichik

Irina very recently joined the Skinome team as Senior Formulation Chemist, moving from Belarus to Sweden at the end of October 2020. She has joined the rest of our R&D team consisting of Sylvain and Nicolas. Irina has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Belarusian State University and before joining Skinome she worked 7 years in the R&D department of the biggest cosmetic company in Belarus where she developed a wide range of products such as face and body skincare, hair care and styling and baby care.

Living in the modern world of marketing and cosmetics which is facing an overload of different offers, I’m very excited to be a part of a team that always maintains a frank and open dialogue with its customers. I’m happy to be among those whose philosophy is based on providing good skincare without disturbing the skin´s natural balance. Consciousness and responsibility of people in relation to their skin health and a strong focus on the environment are the founding pillars of Skinome. Being here as a part of the team is a good opportunity to develop my professional knowledge and skills."