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Ina's skin journey with Skinome

Ina is 40 years old and comes from Ljungby in Småland. The first meeting with Skinome happened by chance via the buying and selling group "Labels we low" on Facebook. A member of the group had posted a skin care product with the description "Fresh skin care", which caught Ina's interest and made her dig further. Now, a few years later, Ina is a loyal customer with us. We have had the honor of interviewing her about her skin journey and experience with our products.

How has your skin journey been?

My interest in skin care began about ten years ago when I was in my 30s. I have always had sensitive and reactive skin with some redness around the nose and chin, surface dryness, patches and an oilier t-zone, so finding skin care products that are both kind and effective has therefore been a challenge. Over time, my skin care interest has grown and made me a true skin care geek.

How has the relationship with your skin been?

The relationship with my skin was quite unproblematic at a young age. But the older I got, the harder it became. My skin became both drier and more sensitive, while I had problems with an oilier t-zone, redness and spots that never went away. I felt that my skin started to become more relaxed and that smaller wrinkles and pigmentation started to appear here and there. Skin care has really helped me there, without it I wouldn't have been able to keep my skin in check. When I was young, I didn't think skin care could make such a difference, but oh how wrong I was, today I dare say that my skin both looks nicer and feels better than when I was young.

Can you describe how your skin feels and looks today?

An important part of my skincare routine has been good cleansing to get rid of clogged pores that cause breakouts. Cleansing in particular has been a bit tricky because my skin reacted strongly to some products, finding one that is both kind and effective is not easy. In winter, the skin also becomes extra sensitive and dry and needs even more care. Thanks to skin care and finding Skinome, today I can keep my skin calm and hydrated while reducing the signs of aging such as pigmentation, small wrinkles and have firmer skin.

Which of Skinome's products do you use today and what does your skincare routine look like?

Today, I use Probiotic Concentrate together with Rich Emulsion both morning and evening, but usually replace Rich Emulsion with Rich Intense during the winter months. I also use Night Active Retinol, which is the only retinol product on the market that I can use every day without irritating the skin. However, the fact that Night Active Retinol is kind to my skin does not mean that I get worse results, I can clearly see the effect it has on my wrinkles and pigmentation that gradually diminishes. Then I clean my skin only in the evening and sometimes use a toner in the morning if I feel it is necessary.

What change or positive effect have you experienced with Skinome's products?

The change has been absolutely magical! As the skin geek that I am, I've tried a variety of skin care products over the years, some as expensive as SEK 3,000. What I can say though is that no other brand has given my skin as much love, care and peace as Skinomes. Now I don't want to be without them and they have become a staple in my fridge.

Using Skinome's products is like wrapping your skin in the softest, smoothest blanket. I have never experienced a similar sensation as the Probiotic Concentrate together with Rich Intense gives my skin. The skin is immediately calm, hydrated and if I have redness it subsides within just a few minutes. If I have a burning or irritating feeling after, for example, being in the sun, it disappears immediately with that combination. I also feel that my skin tone, after a few weeks of use, has become more even and that the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes have become less prominent. My pigmentations have decreased and above all I experience a much stronger skin barrier which means that the skin copes much better, especially now in winter in the cold and windy weather.

Sometimes I do an extra round of Skinome's products during the day just to boost and calm the skin and because it feels so incredibly nice on. My 40-year-old skin rejoices at this!

What is the best thing about Skinome?

I also love that Skinome is so easy to use, even though it's only a few products they really do the job and I get better results today than when I had a skin care routine with ten different products. In the beginning I thought they felt a bit awkward that the cream should be stored in the fridge instead of in the bathroom cabinet, but it's a matter of habit. Now instead it feels extra nice and soothing that it is chilled, so now I also store my other creams in the fridge.

As I'm a bit of a skincare geek, I'm also very careful about reading which ingredients are in the products I choose to use. I know what makes my skin feel good, and that's where Skinome wins because their products contain lots of good ingredients that work deep down. In Skinome's products, there are no unnecessary fillings or silicones that just sit on the surface and then disappear after a few hours.

The ingredients in particular are something that I think make Skinome unique. As a customer, I appreciate that the ingredient lists are not a kilometer long with lots of unnecessary dyes, perfumes, etc. Skinome's products simply do what they are for. Everything is also well tested, if you read about the brand and the products, you realize that there are years of research behind the products and an experienced dermatologist who founded the brand. An extra plus is that it is a Swedish skin care brand with production in Sweden and female managers. Having development and production in Sweden is not only good from a sustainability perspective, but I also feel that the products are well adapted to the challenges our skin faces in this long and sometimes cold country.

Would you recommend Skinome to other people?

Without hesitation! I'm not usually one to write reviews or the like, but when I was asked by Skinome, it felt natural to share my experience. As mentioned, I discovered Skinome by accident but am so grateful for the positive power Skinome's products have had on my skin. I am so grateful to have found this brand and wish more people have the chance to discover and appreciate Skinome the way I have.