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Skinome and Gutfeeling labs in joint study

Many of us know the importance of gut flora to our general health, but the skin microbiome is not as well established. In recent years, the importance of our skin flora (microbiome) has become increasingly recognized as it appears to be important in keeping our skin in a healthy state.

Skinome and Gutfeeling labs jointly examine the skin flora using microbiome sequencing

Gutfeeling labs, led by Walter and Hans Fischer, specialize in investigating and sequencing the gut microbiome. Microbiome sequencing means that we find out which microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) live in and on our bodies.

Walter Fischer is a doctor, neurosurgeon and associate professor who is as passionate about the microbiome as we are. Walter Fischer's interest in the gut flora started in connection with a research study he led on immunotherapy in patients with glioblastoma (cancer of brain cells) and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature communication in 2018. Based on the results, he became more interested in the microbiome which led to the start of Gutfeeling Labs together with his brother Hans Fischer, docent and microbiologist.

A few months ago, we started a skin microbiome study together with Gutfeeling Labs led by Walter and Hans Fischer and Linköping University. Our mutual interest is to examine the skin flora more closely and to understand how skin care affects our skin flora to a greater extent. The results look very interesting. In January, we will share the first initial results here on our website.

This project is part of a master's thesis with degree student Emilia Santamaria at Linköping University and Skinome.