5 vanliga myter om hudvård
Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning

5 common myths about skin care

Skin care is a subject that many people have a great interest in, and for those who want to learn more, there is an endless amount of information to take part in and delve into. But among all the information, all the trends and recommendations, some untruths have taken hold in " skin care world" that we at Skinome would like to clarify, always with research as a basis. Everything we do is for the good of the skin and spreading scientific information that helps you take care of your skin in the best way is something we are passionate about. Below we list 5 common myths in skin care and find out which claims are true or not.

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Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning
Är naturlig hudvård alltid bäst? Hudexperten reder ut

Is natural skin care always best? The skin expert explains

Natural skin care has become a popular topic of conversation and a trend that has grown stronger over the years....

Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning
Är höga koncentrationer av aktiva ingredienser mer effektivt? Hudexperten förklarar

Are high concentrations of active ingredients more effective? The skin expert explains

In the second episode of "Skin care myth or truth with Eva Röse", we find out if high concentrations of...

Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning
Hur effektiv är egentligen din retinolprodukt?

How effective is your retinol product?

Retinoids have a scientifically proven positive effect on our skin, but how much of the promised benefits are you actually...

Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning
Snigelslem i hudvård? Hudexperten förklarar

Snail mucin in skin care? The skin expert explains

Snail mucin or substances from snails have been used in traditional medicine for a long time, stretching back as far...

Hudvårdsmyt eller sanning
Mirakelingredienser i hudvård? Hudexperten reder ut

Miracle ingredients in skin care? The skin expert explains

In the first episode of "Skincare myth or truth with Eva Röse", we dive deep into the subject of "miracle...

5 myter om mäns hud och hudvård

5 myths about men's skin and skin care

When it comes to skin care, it's easy to get lost in the jungle of information knowing what's true and...