Solskyddsskolan med Eva Röse - Varför behöver man solskydd?

Sun protection school with Eva Röse - Why do you need sun protection?

We are proud to introduce a new educational mini-series together with our ambassador, Eva Röse.

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Allt om solskydd
Skydda din hälsa och hud: Välj solskydd fritt från hormonstörande och fotoinstabila UV-filter

Protect your health and skin: Choose sunscreen free of hormone-disrupting and photo-unstable UV filters

To protect the skin from the sun, so-called UV filters are used in sun protection products. These can either reflect...

Allt om solskydd
Vår solskyddsguide - En djupdykning

Our sun protection guide - A deep dive

The sun's rays can be lovely and many of us love spending time in the sun. In fact, if we...

Allt om solskydd
Ämnen att hålla koll på i solskyddsprodukter

Substances to watch out for in sun protection products

In this table, we present a list of ingredients used in sunscreens, focusing on potentially endocrine-disrupting substances and allergens. We...

Färsk hudvård
3 anledningar att välja färsk hudvård

3 reasons to choose fresh skin care

The skin care of the future is here and this world-unique concept is called fresh skin care . What exactly...

Huden under premenstruellt syndrom (PMS)

The skin during premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a well-known part of many women's monthly cycles, which can include a range of symptoms from...

Färsk hudvård
Vår guide till prebiotika

Our guide to prebiotics

Pre-pro and post-biotics sound so similar but fulfill completely different functions to ensure our skin and gut health. Although "biotics"...

Färsk hudvård
Vår guide till probiotika

Our guide to probiotics

Research on the microbiome has grown in recent decades and reveals that we host trillions of microorganisms in various parts...

Tips och trick – hur du bäst skyddar dina händer

Tips and tricks - how to best protect your hands

Winter, heat, water, dry air, lots of hand washing, soap and disinfectants. An ordinary day in our life can really...

Färsk hudvård
Färsk vs traditionell hudvård - vad är vad?

Fresh vs traditional skin care - which is which?

For too long, there has really only been one option on the skin care market, namely what we at Skinome...

Hur du vintersäkrar din hy

How to winterize your skin

Cleansing and exfoliating are at least as important as moisturizing — but moderation is key in cold weather. Annoyed? Sensitive?...

Färsk hudvård
Om vår produktdesign och vad den betyder

About our product design and what it means

Meet Julia & Shila who together form Opposite House = our creative agency and collaboration partner! Together with them we...

Allt om solskydd
Hudexpertens 5 bästa solskyddstips

The skin expert's 5 best sun protection tips

Most of us love spending time in the sun and if we enjoy the sun in reasonable amounts, it can...