Good skincare is freshly made

Under the leadership of the Swedish skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro and after more than 15 years of research, we have developed a unique innovation - freshly made skincare. Our skincare does not contain preservatives, perfume and other additives that can disturb the skin. We only use scientifically proven ingredients that, thanks to cold storage, provide maximum effect and real results. Developed in our laboratory in Stockholm and manufactured in Sweden.

Meet our founder

Developed by leading skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro

The prominent Swedish skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro founded Skinome in 2018 with the ambition to create skin care that really puts the best of the skin first. With over 20 years of experience in dermatology, clinical research and product development in skin care, Johanna is one of Sweden's most employed skin researchers and globally one of the leading experts on the skin microbiome - which is the basis of our skin health.

The skin experts explain

3 reasons to choose freshly made skincare

Strengthens your microbiome

Skin identical ingredients and pre- and probiotics strengthen the skin's microbiome, the foundation of healthy skin.

Gives maximum effect

Thanks to the cold storage, you get the maximum effect of the active, scientifically proven ingredients we use.

Without additives that interfere

Our freshly made skincare does not contain preservatives, perfume, suspected hormone-disrupting ingredients and other unnecessary additives.

User results
Complete Skin Health Kit
Complete Skin Health Kit
A complete starter kit for you who want maximum effect from your skin care routine
2 566 kr
Anna about the routine

"I went from total chaos with a long routine with many products to a minimal routine from you and my skin has never been as good as it is today. I was so influenced by the media and 'wanted to try everything' which led to long term problems with the skin. When I realized that and came across your very logical concept. My God, what a blessing! ❤️

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1 / 1
Freshly made skincare strengthens your skin health
What our customers think
Rich Emulsion
Linnéa A. / 35-44 years

Love all my products from Skinome

All the products I have from Skinome are amazing. Calms my redness like no other product has ever done before and moisturizes very well. Also almost never have pimples anymore :). Will never stop using Skinome. Fresh skin care really is the best!

Probiotic Concentrate
Sofia L. / 45-54 years

Healed red skin around the eyes

Thanks for great skin care! I had red and scaly skin on my eyelids and also a little under my eyes. Probably from destroying the skin barrier with some too strong oil a couple of years ago. After two or three weeks with Probiotic concentrate and Rich Emulsion it had healed almost completely and now after two months the skin is completely restored. The skin healed so incredibly quickly! I'm sold. Will continue with this skin care. The skin is soft and healthy.

Sun Protection Duo SPF 50+
Fanny K. / 25-34 years


Wonderful consistency and no white coating. Expensive but worth the price to avoid bad chemicals for the skin. Didn't burn myself once on the trip abroad either, so the applications last a long time

Boost 24/7 Trio
Anna M. / 25-34 years

Life changing

My skin feels amazing and these products actually reduce fine lines and give skin a healthy glow. The first brand I have recommended to my friends. A bit on the more expensive end though.

Sun Emulsion SPF 50+
Matilda / 25-34 years

So good!

Really pleasantly surprised by this SPF! Been using Skinome products for a long time now and love all the ones I've tried, but the sunscreen exceeded all expectations! It's so lovely in texture, sinks in well and doesn't leave an oily film. Have used it daily as the only cream in the morning and it has worked as well as it could, both without and with make-up! Got several compliments that my skin has looked nice with it on. Thanks Skinome!

Balance My Skin Trio
Alice C. / 25-34 years

Saved my complexion!

I have adult acne and have tried all sorts of medications that helped temporarily but when I stopped the acne came back. I have therefore been looking for skin care as a long-term solution and have tried as much as possible. My skin has never been as good as it is now! After less than a week I saw a clear change. The retinol works great to use daily, which I haven't experienced with other retinol products either. SO PLEASED!!!