Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
Sun Protection Duo
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Sunscreen/50ml + Sunscreen/150ml

Our Sun Emulsion range includes Sun Emulsion SPF 50+ for face and Sun Emulsion Body SPF 50+ for body. Together, they give you the highest possible protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Both contain a unique sun protection technology that combines skin-friendly mineral and organic UV filters for a safe and effective product. Our sunscreens contain innovative organic filters with a large molecular size that cannot penetrate the skin and are not suspected of being hormone-disrupting or allergenic. The Sun Emulsion series reduces the risk of UV-induced signs of ageing, pigment spots and broken blood vessels. Both sunscreens contain caring ingredients and prebiotics that strengthen your skin health. Sun Emulsion SPF 50+ can also be used as the only day cream.

The Sun Emulsion series does not contain perfume or other unnecessary additives, which makes it suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested on atopic and sensitive skin.

Skin type
All skin types
SPF 50+
Prevents signs of aging
Prevents pigment spots
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Selected ingredients
A photostable mineral filter that provides broad-spectrum protection, i.e. protects in both the UVA and UVB range. It is often recommended as a good protection for sensitive skin.
A photostable mineral filter that provides broad-spectrum protection, i.e. protects in both the UVA and UVB range. Silica acts as a surface coating on the titanium dioxide and makes it work well with the other filters and substances in the product.
An organic photostable UV filter with a high molecular weight that above all protects in the UVB area. A low concentration of this filter contributes to the product's high SPF.
An organic photostable UVA filter with a high molecular weight that protects well in the entire UVA range, even the longer wavelengths.
Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide is a type of prebiotic that partly stimulates the growth of the good bacteria found on our skin, and partly inhibits the unwanted microorganisms.
Urea or urea is part of the skin's own moisture binders and functions as a moisturizing and barrier-strengthening substance. Urea binds water and helps the skin retain moisture and stay soft.
Strengthens your skin health

Our fresh and microbiome-friendly skin care supports the skin's good bacterial flora, which is the basis for healthy, balanced skin.

Provides maximum effect

With over 15 years of research, we deliver real results with scientifically proven active ingredients that achieve full effect through cold storage.

No unnecessary additives

We do not use unnecessary additives such as preservatives and perfumes. Instead, we focus on skin-specific ingredients that are found naturally in your skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fanny K.
Skin type: Combination
Age: 25 - 34

Wonderful consistency and no white coating. Expensive but worth the price to avoid bad chemicals for the skin. Didn't burn myself once on the trip abroad either, so the applications last a long time!

Ella W.
Skin type: Normal
Age: 25 - 34
Sun protection

Great, I've been very pleased! The one for the body is a bit sticky, I don't want to put on clothes right after applying, otherwise great!

Fina M.
Skin type: Combination
Age: 35 - 44
Sun protection for body and face

Absolutely incredible sun protection!!!
Excellent sun protection for both face and body!

Only small drawback for me was that my face got oily from the sun protection for my face, but it protected me incredibly well, even managed to avoid getting freckles.

Theresa F.
Skin type: Normal, Mature
Age: 45 - 54
Used daily

Super comfortable to use. Smells natural. Goes easily into the skin.
Just like all sun protection cream - watch out for the area around the eyes! However, it does not sting as much as "regular" sun protection creams for the face.

Rebecca A.
Skin type: Combination
Age: 25 - 34


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