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Anna's skin journey with Skinome

Anna, 41 years old from Nyköping found Skinome by chance when she googled around in a bit of desperation on how to take care of sensitive skin. Among the search results, she found an interview with Skinome's founder Dr. Johanna Gillbro and her then newly started company, Skinome. After reading the interview, Anna ordered Dr. Johanna Gillbro's book Hudbibeln.

"I ended up ordering her book Hudbibeln, skimmed through and realized how I had mistreated my skin all these years"

Anna, 41 years old.

How has your skin journey been?

My skin journey has gone from never having problems with my skin to out of nowhere, having skin that is constantly irritated, itchy, stinging and burning. A skin that flared up every now and then and got patches here and there. I had been stressed and feeling pretty bad mentally for a while when the problems started. However, it was really from one day to another that the skin started to make itself felt. After a while, I booked an appointment and was then diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis.

Before that, as I said, I didn't have any problems with the skin and treated it like I'm sure many others do too. There were creams, serums, toners, masks and acids every other day. As I said, it went well for a very long time, but finally the skin said thank you and hello. I still struggle with very sensitive skin and periods of Perioral Dermatis but my skin is significantly better and calmer since I started Skinome.

How has the relationship with your skin been?

Before the sensitivity made itself felt, I have always been in agreement with my skin. Thought it was nice and uncomplicated. I've never really thought much about the skin, it's mostly just been there, until it started messing with me. Constantly fighting and putting up with a burning, tight skin with rashes has clearly been mentally taxing. I have tried everything in sheer desperation to get my skin back to how it was and of course it has been stressful resulting in even more sensitive skin and rashes.

Can you describe how your skin feels and looks today?

My skin is still extremely sensitive and I have periodic bouts of Perioral Dermatitis. Having said that, I still feel that there has been a big difference since I scaled back my skin care routine and started with Skinome products. Nowadays, I have more long periods when the skin feels calm and satisfied and it is almost never red-flamed anymore.

As I said, I am still struggling with flare-ups of Perioral Dermatitis and have, when it has been at its worst, thought that now I will try products other than Skinomes because I have to get rid of this. However, it has ALWAYS resulted in disaster and the rash has escalated even more. As soon as I went back to Skinome products, it was as if the skin breathed a sigh of relief.

Nowadays I never try anything else but sit a little more calmly in the boat, I know that rashes come and go and that they are usually triggered by stressful periods. Something I've also seen a big difference in is the natural glow I got from Skinome's products and that the skin is very soft and smooth. Apart from the periods when I get a rash, I feel like my skin has never been this beautiful and has such a natural glow.

Which of Skinome's products do you use and what does your routine look like?

Today I use the moisturizers Light Emulsion and Rich Emulsion, which one I choose depends a little on what season it is and how dry I feel. Sometimes I even use both at the same time, first Light Emulsion then a small pump of Rich Emulsion where needed. I use Probiotic Concentrate in periods and then mainly in the evening, but am a little careful with it during my flare-ups with Perioral Dermatitis.

I only wash my face in the evening and then I usually use Mineral Cleanser but sometimes also with a cleansing oil. In the morning, I just rinse my face with a little lukewarm water and then a few pumps of Light Emulsion or Rich Emulsion. Then I also use the Rich Body Cream after I shower every night.

What change or positive effect have you experienced with Skinome's products?

 Since I started using Skinome's products, I feel that my face doesn't burn in the same way, my skin is calmer and not nearly as red-flamed anymore. My skin has become significantly more hydrated and the pores in the forehead in particular have become smaller. Now I have survived two winters without the skin tightening and feeling completely dehydrated. I used to get hormonal pimples along my jawline, but since I started using your products I haven't had a single pimple.

I also use Rich Body Cream on my body and since I started using it, the bumps on my upper arms have completely disappeared and I feel that my décolletage has become smoother. In summary, I feel that my skin feels satisfied and relieved to avoid three hundred different ingredients every day.

Would you recommend Skinome to other people?

I recommend you to everyone I know and have become a bit of a "skincare ingredient police". Joking aside, I have really become aware of how much rubbish there is in skin care and what the effects of it can actually be in the long run. The idea of ​​anointing myself with loads of weirdness that does more harm than good scares me a little. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, I think everyone would benefit from your products. These are the ones I try to convey to my loved ones.