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Louise's skin journey with Skinome
Louise, 38 years old from Oxelösund found Skinome via the Huddoktornerna podcast. A podcast about skin and skin care by Skinome's founder Dr. Johanna Gillbro and Dr. Petra Kjellman. After several years of tough skin conditions, unbearable products and treatments, Louise found a skin care routine that works and which today has given her a healthier and stronger complexion. We interviewed Louise about her skin journey and how she experiences her skin today.

How has your skin journey been?

When I was in my 20s I got adult acne which turned into rosacea at the age of 30. I have always had dry skin on the surface and have tried countless skin care routines, products and treatments. In retrospect, I have realized that I have used way too many products, but I have always wanted to find products that can relieve my rosacea and winter dry skin.

How has the relationship with your skin been?

The relationship with my skin worsened when I got my skin conditions. I got very complex for my skin when first the acne appeared, then the scars and later the rosacea.

Can you describe how your skin feels and looks today?

Today my skin feels much healthier and copes with weather changes in a completely different way than before, before I could get acne in the summer and very dry skin in the winter. I can still have rosacea breakouts but much less than before. I don't get stressed today and order home a lot of skin care, but stick to my skin care routine.

Which of Skinome's products do you use and what does your routine look like?

My skin care routine during the summer starts with me rinsing my face lightly with water in the morning. Then I lubricate my face with Rich Intense and Sun Emulsion SPF 50+. In the evening, I clean my face with Mineral Cleanser and lubricate my face with Rich Emulsion and Probiotic Concentrate.

During the winter months, I start the morning in the same way unless it's below freezing, then I usually skip rinsing my face and instead directly apply Rich Intense and Probiotic Concentrate. In the evening, I clean with Mineral Cleanser and lubricate with Rich Emulsion and Probiotic Concentrate. I try to let my skin rest as much as possible and only use makeup if I'm going to the office.

What change or positive effect have you experienced with Skinome's products?

I feel that my skin has become more resilient since I started using Skinome. Now I don't get acne in the summer and I don't get as dry in the winter. Since then, my rosacea has gotten much better!

Would you recommend Skinome to other people?

I would recommend Skinome any day of the week! I have saved both time and money and got healthier skin. It should be mentioned though that it wasn't completely problem free from the start, I started with Night Active Retinol which turned out to be a bit too active for my skin. I then contacted Skinome and got help putting together a kit that suited my skin much better and that's when I started to see results.