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Carina Berg's fresh skincare favourites
A simple three-step routine is all your skin needs. After more than ten years of research, it is something we at Skinome are completely convinced is the best for the skin. However, this was news to our ambassador Carina Berg when we started our collaboration at the end of 2021. At the same time, she told us that it was something she had been aware of for a long time. She had started to wonder if it could really be good for her skin to use more than ten different skin care products in a day, and after testing Skinome's fresh skin care products and a minimalist routine, she quickly felt that it was just right. "My skin hasn't felt this amazing, so wonderfully 'rubbery', soft and smooth, since I was like 30 and I actually don't think I'll ever use anything but this kind of skin care" . So what does Carina's Skinome routine look like? You will find everything about it in this article.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Mineral Cleanser I use it when I put on make-up or hang out in town. Then I want to eat a little extra. But only in the evening, of course. Never in the morning. When I'm in the country, I use Sensitive Cleanser . Doesn't feel like more is needed in the clean air. Both are very gentle and don't make you dry and 'tight' like many other cleansers."

Cleaning only in the evening explained:
At Skinome we have always recommended cleansing only in the evening, which is in line with the minimalist philosophy of our founder Dr. Johanna Gillbro presented in her book Hudbibeln. The reason for this is that unique moisture-binding substances are formed on our skin during the night, which should not be washed off as they contribute to better skin health. We recommend you to try it if you haven't already, often you yourself feel that the skin feels much better and healthier by making this change in the routine.

Step 2 - Moisturizer

Rich Emulsion is so amazing. So smooth in feel, moisturizing and somehow soothing my previously easily irritated, easily reddened skin. The fact that it is always cool makes it even better to lubricate yourself with. I'm overdosing on this one, I think. Okynnes pumps every time I open the fridge and snack. Which is often. But the basis is morning and evening. "

Step 3 - Concentrate

" I take Night Active Retinol maybe three to four times a week. My skin is so sensitive (after all the weird routines I've been doing?) and with the retinol and all the other active substances, it's a good balance I've found with an approximately every other day routine. I mix the Night Active Retinol (just 1 pump) with the Rich Emulsion in the evening and apply them together. I add the night concentrate to get extra moisture but also an effect on skin texture.”

Sun protection only during the summer...

"Between March and October I replace my day cream with one of Skinome's sunscreens for the face. The Sun Emulsion range are the perfect sunscreens to protect even the most sensitive skin from the sun! Don't skimp on the application, pour on so you're properly protected. I also use Sun Emulsion Body SPF 50+ on the children." Read more about the Sun Emulsion SPF 50+ sunscreen series here.