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What is fresh skin care?

In an industry where the vast majority of skin care products contain a high degree of preservatives and additives (in order for them to last a long time and be stored at room temperature), we go our own way and offer something completely new and unique - fresh skin care. Our products are not made to stand for years on a store shelf or in your bathroom. In exchange for a shorter shelf life, and little space in the fridge, you get skin care packed with things that actually do the skin good, instead of large amounts of preservatives.

What we call traditional skin care is the skin care you find on store shelves and in online stores today. It is often marketed with "miracle ingredients" in high concentrations and they promise fantastic results in a short time. These products often also contain so many preservatives and additives that the products last for several years, without them changing at all. They smell good, feel good and look good, even if the product has been opened for a long time. But the question is how good is this for the skin? Not at all, we say, which is also confirmed by new studies and research. It is even so bad that large amounts of preservatives and many of the additives found in skin care today can be harmful to the skin. The reason everyone creates products the same way is simply because it's cheaper.

Unfortunately, many popular brands also use what we consider to be unhealthily high levels of certain ingredients to achieve immediate effects on the skin. Long routines that include many different products are often recommended. They sell the dream of a perfect skin which may initially pay off in the form of a quick result, but which unfortunately in the long term can lead to a deterioration of skin health. It is a bit the same as when you are in the sun, the skin looks healthy, but in the long term it is damaged.

Skinome's founder, skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro, throughout her life has had the skin in focus. She herself got the skin disease vitiligo as a child, which led to a great interest and fascination in how best to take care of our largest organ. This is a complex science and new discoveries are made all the time. Johanna was one of the first skin researchers in the world to become interested in the microbiome (which is the trillions of microorganisms that live on our skin) and which we only recently understood is absolutely crucial for our skin health. Due to the high levels of preservatives and other additives, traditional skin care can disrupt our skin microbiome, which more and more studies now show can lead to skin conditions such as atopic eczema, rosacea and acne, but also hypersensitive skin.

Skin care has an important function in helping our skin stay soft, supple and hydrated. The skin is a super-competent system that has developed over many hundreds of thousands of years, and therefore the skin feels its best when we support the skin's natural function with our skin care.

Our fresh skin care is without preservatives and unnecessary additives so as not to disturb but instead strengthen our microbiome, and thus contribute to long-term skin health. Our products largely consist of skin-like ingredients, which are substances that the skin itself produces and therefore feels good. We advocate a minimalist skin care routine and think that you should only use the (few) products that your skin really needs.

By manufacturing products in smaller, fresh batches to be stored in the refrigerator, we can offer you skin care that is full of what the skin really wants and feels good about - nothing else. Of course, we also tell you exactly when a product is manufactured so you can see how fresh it is, how long you have to use it and how to store it.

We are not trying to sell a dream of perfect skin or promise miracles, but by using our fresh skin care you can improve and strengthen your skin health. And skin that feels good also looks good. In addition, you are not only doing your skin a favor, you are also part of what we call the fresh revolution. Welcome!