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Slow Skincare - A Sustainable Skincare Revolution
We have always talked about "less is more" when it comes to skin care. Simply because we believe this is the best for the skin and something that gives long-term results. Now we want to introduce a new concept that is starting to be talked about more and more and which is called slow skincare. Here we are talking sustainability not only from a skin perspective but also from an environmental perspective.

Just like slow fashion, which has emerged as a counter-movement to fast fashion*, slow skincare is about investing in products that are carefully produced using sustainable methods and carefully selected ingredients. This philosophy emphasizes the use of fewer, but high-quality products to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste, representing skin care that is both beneficial to the individual and to our planet. This of course applies to the entire cosmetics industry and not just the skin care industry.

*Fast fashion is used to describe the clothing industry's backside of mass production and resource use and is defined by low prices, constant news and high turnover with a focus on quantity instead of quality. Simply put, wear and tear!

Similar to fast fashion, which has long been criticized for its harmful effects on both people and the environment, we are now seeing a parallel movement in the beauty industry that deserves attention. We therefore want to take the chance to raise awareness of this movement and push for a change towards what we think is best both for the skin and our planet - slow skincare!

The skin care industry has long been characterized by many and frequent product launches, often linked to demands for rapid growth and returns. This hectic pace clearly reflects the methods of the fast fashion industry where mass production often results in products that quickly become waste. But with an increased awareness of our consumption and its effects, a change is now beginning to take shape.

But with the focus on slow skincare, we want to encourage taking a step back and prioritizing quality over quantity. We want to encourage long-term, sustainable solutions to achieve lasting positive changes and results in the look and feel of the skin. We also advocate production on a smaller scale and ethical production with human rights and environmental considerations in focus. All industries need to work hard to minimize the impact on the environment and we think it's fantastic that our passion for what makes the skin feel good is also much better for our planet.

Thanks to social media, consumers have become accustomed to seeing and demanding complex skin care routines with dozens of steps. But in reality, long routines can be harmful to the skin. An overuse of active ingredients can lead to sensitive and reactive skin, which can be difficult to recover from.

Let 2023 be the year we slow down and reevaluate our skincare routines. And please help us spread knowledge about what really makes the skin feel good. Slow skincare is about enjoying skin care that is gentle on both our skin and our environment.

Let's push together for a sustainable skin care revolution = slow skincare!

Traditional Skincare vs Slow Skincare – 3 Differences


Traditional skin care:

Constantly new products, new formats and new miracle ingredients. Heavy packaging that breathes "luxury" and that contains several different materials. Long routines.

Slow Skincare:

Get high-quality products with packaging that takes into account both the environment and the formulations. Lighter packaging, recycled material and preferably mono-material (ie one material throughout the packaging so that it can be more easily recycled). Minimalist routines.


Traditional skin care:

Looking for quick solutions and results for every skin problem - always in the form of a product or a treatment that only treats the surface.

Slow Skincare:

Prioritizes long-term and gentle measures that promote skin and body health in depth. Focus on sustainable steps to healthy skin through a holistic way of thinking and approach.


Traditional skin care:

Focuses on the appearance of the skin and strives for (sometimes unattainable) ideals of beauty. Everything revolves around beauty standards, striving for perfection and not looking beyond the surface.

Slow Skincare:

Emphasizes the health and well-being of the skin and that the skin should both feel good and look good. Getting skin that looks good is often the result of slow skincare as the main focus is on getting healthy and healthy skin.