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3 reasons to choose fresh skin care
The skin care of the future is here and this world-unique concept is called fresh skin care . What exactly is fresh skin care and what difference does it make to your skin? Our skin expert, skin researcher Dr. Johanna Gillbro (also author of the best-selling book "The Skin Bible") gives you 3 reasons why you should choose fresh skin care.

1. No preservatives or additives

What we call traditional skin care has one thing in common – it is skin care that contains preservatives and other additives such as perfume, dyes and stabilizers. These are ingredients that are added to make the product last a long time, to be able to be stored at room temperature and to have a scent and texture that should make it more attractive, simply because we are used to our skin care products both smelling and feeling a certain way. These are ingredients that are there for the sake of the product - not for the good of the skin.

When we develop Skinome fresh skin care, we only start from what makes the skin feel good, which means that we do not use preservatives or masking substances, as the latest research on the skin has shown that substances like these are not particularly good for our skin health. We manufacture our fresh skin care in small volumes in Sweden and our products have a shorter shelf life of about 12 months compared to traditional skin care, which has a shelf life of about 30 months. Just as fresh food is good for health, fresh skin care is good for skin health. And, just like fresh food, should be stored in the refrigerator!

2. It strengthens your microbiome (= skin flora)

When you remove ingredients that are primarily there for the product (such as preservatives and masking agents) and instead focus on choosing ingredients that build up and work with, and not against the skin, you create skin care for the best of the skin. Skinome's fresh skin care is also microbiome friendly, which means that it supports all the skin's good bacteria, something that researchers have begun to understand over the past 7-8 years is the basis of healthy skin. Thanks to ingredients such as pre- and postbiotics, our products strengthen the microbiome. In a study conducted in the fall of 2020 together with Gutfeeling labs, which is a company based in Lund that are experts in good bacteria, we have seen that our fresh skin care provides an increased number of unique species of good bacteria in the skin. Skin that feels good also looks good!

3. Ingredients that provide maximum effect

Skinome's fresh skin care contains active and well-studied ingredients with scientifically proven effects as well as skin-specific ingredients. Skin-specific ingredients are substances found in the skin naturally and which can therefore support the skin's own function for the best results. The carefully selected ingredients found in Skinome products can help and strengthen your skin health and provide many benefits such as a strengthened skin barrier, reduced redness, improved skin texture, more even skin tone, reduced fine lines and of course – lots of hydration! You will find our entire product range here.