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Substances to watch out for in sun protection products

In this table, we present a list of ingredients used in sunscreens, focusing on potentially endocrine-disrupting substances and allergens. We want to help raise awareness of which UV filters can have negative effects on both skin health and hormonal systems and help you make informed choices when it comes to using sun protection products.

Unfortunately, even within the EU, there are still products that contain UV filters that are suspected of being endocrine-disrupting or allergenic due to several reasons. They are still legally allowed to be used, but are often found in old products that were produced when these filters were the only ones available. These filters are cheaper to buy and easy to make products with. Often you also find them in products manufactured in other countries, for example the USA, where the requirements regarding which filters you can use look different.
Now that there are sunscreen products with more modern and better UV filters, which do not have these properties, our recommendation is that you choose these as we think that otherwise it is an unnecessary risk to take when there are alternatives.
Compilation of substances found in sunscreen.