Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
Sensitive Cleanser
4.83/5 (42)
369 kr
Facial cleanser/50ml

Sensitive Cleanser is a moisturizing and soothing cleanser specially developed for sensitive and dry skin. The extra mild formula contains neither perfume nor dyes that can disturb the skin's microbiome (skin flora) and removes grease and dirt without irritating. Among the active ingredients are postbiotics that bind water in the skin, allantoin with soothing and repairing properties and a unique combination of softening and moisture-binding substances such as glycerin, squalane and lecithin. When using makeup, additional cleansing product may be needed. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Freshly made in Sweden: January 2024

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Selected ingredients
Lactobacillus Ferment is a type of postbiotics – substances that have been produced by microorganisms and that contribute positive and good properties to the skin.
For over 100 years, Allantoin has been used in skin care for its softening, moisturizing and soothing properties. Due to its soothing effect, it is often used in products intended for sensitive skin.
Sunfloweroyl Methylglucamide is a very mild surfactant that cleans the skin in a very gentle way, therefore it fits very well in products for sensitive skin.
Lecithin is an excellent emulsifier that helps the skin maintain and build a good protective barrier, which prevents the skin from becoming dry.
Jojoba esters have an effective softening and moisturizing effect, which has been shown in scientific studies. Jojoba esters also have a synergistic/collaborative effect with Glycerin.
Squalane has very effective softening properties and is used in our products to rebuild and strengthen the skin's protective lipid film.
Strengthens your skin health

Our fresh and microbiome-friendly skin care supports the skin's good bacterial flora, which is the basis for healthy, balanced skin.

Gives maximum effect

With over 15 years of research, we deliver real results with scientifically proven active ingredients that achieve full effect through cold storage.

No unnecessary additives

We do not use unnecessary additives such as preservatives and perfumes. Instead, we focus on skin-specific ingredients that are found naturally in your skin.

Results & user tests

Sensitive Cleanser


Thought the product was good for sensitive skin and comfortable to use


Felt that the skin felt clean after use


Experienced that the skin felt hydrated and that it did not become dry and tight afterwards

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Bela L.
Skin type: Dry
Age: 35 - 44
Moisturized and no impurities

Use this together with Five Point Cleanser - the ultimate combination! The first step removes make-up and sunscreen, then this comes in and completely cleans without drying out the slightest! Best cleansing combination I've ever experienced, and I've tried many!

Lina S.
Skin type: Dry, Sensitive
Age: 25 - 34

I have atopic skin and this product is the best I have tried. I feel hydrated after cleansing, it doesn't get any better than this! 5/5

Skin type: Dry, Sensitive
Age: 55 - 64

Fantastic cleansing cream for my sensitive dry skin. Now in the winter, I first use Five Point Cleanser and it is probably the best thing I have used to clean the skin when it is dry and cold. After that I sometimes use Sensitive Cleanser, but not always. Both are fantastic for dry and sensitive skin! Together or individually.
The best I've tried and I won't change.

Marianne A.
Skin type: Sensitive
Age: 55 - 64

Have used this for over a year and am very fond of it. Can really recommend Skinome!

Anna W.
Skin type: Sensitive
Age: 45 - 54
My skin loves Skinome!

I have never had such beautiful skin (as an adult) as now!
The products are easy to apply and feel soft and comfortable when I clean my face.

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