Skin care myth or truth with Eva Röse - episode 5

Don't miss the last episode of "Skin care myth or truth" with Eva Röse. This time, Eva asks herself the crucial question "Does skin care really give any results?" And if it does, are there any tips that all of us skin care users can use? To dig deeper into the question, Eva meets our own skin expert Dr. Johanna Gillbro, who not only answers the question, but also shares her best tips and advice. An episode filled with expert knowledge that you don't want to miss, come along!


Meet the skin scientist Dr. Johanna Gillbro

Dr. Johanna Gillbro is a skin researcher and has for more than 20 years worked with the skin in focus. Her fascination with the skin began as early as childhood when she suffered from the pigment disease vitiligo. Today, she is an expert on the skin and how we best take care of it.

Myth or truth

5 common myths about skin care

Skin care is a topic that engages many, and there is a wealth of information to explore for the knowledge-hungry. But in this world of beauty trends and tips, some misconceptions have taken root. In this article, Skinome's own skin expert Dr. Johanna Gillbro uncovers 5 common skin care myths and reveals the truth behind them.

"There is an abundance of products and ingredients in the beauty industry, but there is often a lack of well-conducted studies showing that they actually produce the desired effect..."
Dr. Johanna Gillbro
Research Manager & Founder
Skin Academy

3 reasons to choose fresh skin care

The skin care of the future is here with the world-unique concept of fresh skin care . What exactly is fresh skin care and what difference does it make to your skin? In this article, Skinome's skin expert Dr. Johanna Gillbro gives you 3 reasons why you should choose fresh skin care and why it is the best choice for your skin.