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Episode 5 - Does Skin Care Work?

Don't miss the last episode of "Skin care myth or truth" with Eva Röse. This time, Eva asks herself the crucial question "Does skin care really give any results?" And if it does, are there any tips that all of us skin care users can use? To dig deeper into the question, Eva meets our own skin expert Johanna Gillbro, who not only answers the question, but also shares her best tips and advice. An episode filled with expert knowledge that you don't want to miss, come along!

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In episode 4, Eva dives into the topic of cleaning and untangles the question "Is cleaning A and O?". Skin cleansing has long been at the center of skin care routines worldwide as one of the cornerstones of an effective skin care routine. But do we really need to clean our skin as much and as often as we do? Watch episode 4 here.